Be grateful

25-01-2012 in topic : Self-development

Be Grateful

“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.” – Epictetus

if you are going through a rough time , struggling with your busy life  ,  always achieving less than what you are looking for ?  have an incompletion feeling , realizing at a point of time how your life wasn’t designed the way you like it , yet you are drifted with it ?

you must have been through one of the past situations in your life , and you know how hard it can be to cope with this stress

“Be Grateful” approach

I have a magical advice for you  , “Be grateful ” , think of anything that you are grateful for in your life , make a list or just what you come up with , make it a habit to remind yourself with this list before you go to sleep , it need not to be a big fancy list , just make sure it really matters to you  ,  consider the following list as an example.

  • having a wonderful child
  • a great movie with the delight it brought to you this evening
  • your warm and cozy bed
  • your friends
  • the friendship you share with your parents

see it doesn’t matter how far the thing can be deep and big in your life , you can feel grateful for small things that bring  joy to you at a point of time

this activity is not just meant to  soothe the pain , it gives you the courage to develop your life  by acknowledging the merits you have armed with thankfulness and a wish to gain more , it helps you  to escape the dark hole of depression and inability.

check this site for inspiration on your list ;)

have a good day ;)

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For me, on my “Be Grateful” list. Having an amazing wife :)

;) weeeeeee my heat is beating ..absolutely on my list too beb , but keep it a private item cause i am afraid of evil eyes …:D

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